Top Get Rich Quick Schemes That Could Make You a Millionaire in a Few Months

The internet provides us with a ton of different ways to get rich and to start working from home. One of the most popular strategies to this end is running a website which enables you to get paid for publishing advertising and helping ensure that a good selection of people see it. This way you can conceivably start making money simply from sitting at home and writing about a topic that you chose. There are no real overheads, it’s an entirely passive form of income, and there’s no boss breathing down your neck – in other words it’s a dream for most of us.

But there is one downside to making money from running a website, at least that I can see and that’s that it takes ages to get any kind of success. There are just too many people out there with competing websites, too many variables and things to go wrong, and too big a risk of it all going wrong.
So the question is then, what’s the alternative? How can you make money online fast so that this time in a few months you can be sitting somewhere in the sun sipping a cocktail and listening to the sound of the sea lapping against the shore? Let’s look at how to go about doing just that…

Day Trading
If you’ve ever seen the film Limitless then you’ll know the ‘dream’ when it comes to day trading which is to start trading stocks and shares and then to find that almost overnight you’ve started to double and then quadruple your money. In theory if you can take out a big enough loan, or build up your profits fast enough, then you can be a millionaire incredibly quickly with this system, you just need to be incredibly smart… Though that said expert advice and market trading software can both help a great deal.

So you have the perfect idea for an amazing business that could make you rich, you just lack the funds or the confidence to actually set it up and get going. Enter Kickstarter: a site that enables you to raise funds for a project you haven’t completed yet in exchange for incentives such as free copies of your product or a say in the design. Essentially this amounts to taking preorders for a product or service and thus means you can make a huge amount of profit and only afterwards have to eat into it by giving away free copies. All it takes to use this method is a good idea that you can get people excited about.

A Hit App
Did you know that 80,000 new Androids are activated every day? When you consider this then it’s clear that you wouldn’t actually need a very large percentage of people to see and buy your app in order for you to make a large profit. All you need is an idea that can get people interested and a bit of luck and there are hardly any up front costs or overheads to worry about. Of course if you can’t do it with one app then how about two? Or Twenty?

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